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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i-City: City with magnificent light

(Source: Club Lexus)

Have you ever seen this picture? The title of this picture is "You lighted up my World". A very impressive picture with a deeply meaningful caption At least it leave footprint in my mind after my first view on it. The Earth is alive because of light, this is true for a city too. Darkness do not belong to a city, especially the i-City - a new tourism spot of Malaysia.

(Source: skyscraper city)

i-City is a newly developed town in Klang Valley of Selangor state. Its exact location is Seksyen 7 in Sungai Rasau between Bandar Baru Klang and Shah Alam. Travelling from KL (Kuala Lumpur) town to i-City needs about half an hour. As a MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) Malaysia Cybercentre except the one in Cyberjaya, i-City is built equipped with fascinating light scape using state-of-the-art LED technology. This is why i-City is also called City of Digital Light.

Soon after the launching of the light scape, i-City immediately becomes the heaven for photographers. A lot of photographers from all around the world have visited i-City to shoot the beautiful scenery. You may view some at i-City facebook page. There are uncountable quality photos on the internet that enriched my eyesight and the one shown below is the best I have ever seen. 

For those who loves photography, don't forget to bring your camera along when you visit i-City. If you have great photos of i-City, you may consider participating the on-going contest. Currently, there is i-City: "It's Always On" photography and videography challenge. This contest ends at 31 August 2010, the Independent Day of Malaysia. For the others, don't forget to come with a camera too. Maybe you will get your next desktop wallpaper here. 

Light display at i-City begins from 7.00pm local time daily. There are dancing light show named "Hibiscus in the Sky" on every night at 8.30pm and 10.30pm. A gentle reminder to tourist, travelling to i-City from KL city centre is normally using the Federal Highway, it is advisable to depart from KL after 8.00pm during weekdays if you don't wish wasting your time to stuck in the traffic jam for one and a half hour as this is the traffic peak period.

Remember to include i-City in your trip if you are coming to KL, Malaysia!

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